Date Night Fridays

$125 per couple includes 3-hr daycare at Rugg Rats, escape game at Southern Pines Escape, and dinner at Scott's Table.  Special menu, tax & gratuity included.

3-hr package runs between 6-10pm on Fridays.

Book your Escape Game and decide whether you eat dinner before or after.
Escape Room start:
6:15pm – play first, eat later
7:30pm – eat before or after
8:45pm – eat first, play later

Pizza and drink provided to children at daycare.
Childcare up to two (2) kids*. $12 per additional child.

*Late fees apply

We try to book to capacity, which for small groups may require game play with strangers. Consider this an opportunity to make new friends!

Download the Southern Pines Escape pass to stay notified of future offers and events!