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Halloween Party @ Hit Point Hobbies

  • Hit Point Hobbies 118 West Main Street Aberdeen, NC 28315 (map)

Costume Contest!
Contest judged at 9 P.M.

1st Place $20 Store Credit
2nd Place $10 Store Credit
3rd Place $5 Store Credit

Heroclix Event! : Start Time 1 P.M.
666 Points Monster Theme Team!
(No Bystanders, resources, I.d cards, etc)
Just 666 points of Monsters

Retro Game Lounge will have Open Play
for Horror games.

Warhammer 40K Zombie Survival Scenario 
More TBA

Zombies Table top game
More TBA

Magic the Gathering Zombie Horde
Fight through a horde of zombies using your commander decks!
This event will start at 7 P.M.

How to play/rules
Bring your own commander deck.
Be the last one standing (though you may need to help "defeat" the horde)
Cannot present infinite
can present a loop (twice, only during your turn)

Horde Rules

Each player gets 4 turns to set up.

The Horde gets a turn between each player.

The Horde will always get a number of turns equal to the number of players that originally started regardless of the number of players still alive.

At the beginning of the Horde's precombat main phase, reveal the top x cards of the Horde's library, determined by the number of turns taken. Then the horde "Casts" those cards. 

Zombies attacks each turn, if able.
The Horde always attacks the player with the lowest life total. If two or more players are tied, this is decided at random

The Zombie Deck and graveyard are unaffected by non-horde effects.

Earlier Event: October 27
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Later Event: October 27
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